Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An open request to Saltaire, Fire Island

Dear Saltaire friends. Thank you for being so welcoming to us since we moved in 12 years ago. We love how special the people of Saltaire are. Playing sports, sharing food and drink, celebrating life’s victories and being there for each other when things go wrong is the fabric of our community.

The government is taking our house to build a new dune. We don’t have the power to ask them to amend their plan by 10 feet or to point out that our home survived super storm Sandy.

We are a silenced and need a Saltaire solution. I hope you'll let Mayor Cox, the Saltaire Board of Trustees, and Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone know that they should make the land behind our house available so we can replace our house at a fair price.

If my Dad ever helped you with a medical problem, my Mom smiled and laughed with you, or my sister beat you at tennis please consider helping your neighbor. (Newsday article posted below)

As condemnation threat looms, owners of Saltaire home fret over dune project

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Unknown said...

I love that last quote from your dad!