Friday, April 18, 2014

20/20 Exclusive: Woman accused of murdering boyfriend with stiletto

Woman Recalls Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto

Act 1: Ana Trujillo said her boyfriend attacked her the night she beat him to death with her shoe. 



Girlfriend Trial in 'Stiletto Murder' of Boyfriend

Act 2: Will the jury find Ana Trujillo guilty of the murder of her boyfriend Dr. Stefan Andersson?

Recomendation: Portable cell phone backup battery

There is a portable battery charger that I use in the field that I find irreplaceable. I think you should all get one.

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It has built in lightning plug (For iPhone) and micro USB (For Blackberry or Droid)
It has a built in prongs to re-charge it in the wall. (Most battery back up you have to plug into a computer to recharge)
It can fill up your iPhone about 4 full charges.
It has a light to let you know if it’s full or empty.
You can charge multiple devices at once and use the device while it’s charging.

*** Make sure to buy the one with the built in wall prongs. Hub 6000 or Hub 9000

Others agree.

“Wow, this is great.” – Denise Martinez-Ramundo
“Thanks, this is so great in the field.” – Gwen Gowen
“Can I borrow your battery thingy?” – Jonathan Balthaser