Friday, March 28, 2008

ABC 20/20 Tonight: Intervention

Please tune in to 20/20 tonight for a story I've been working on about drug interventions with Daniel Baldwin. It's an idea that came out of our very successful hour last summer about Daniel's struggles.

ABC News 20/20 Friday, March 28th, 2008 10-11pm

Read my article here:
Video preview here: Lessons Learned from Daniel Baldwin
Eamon's Journal Entry:

Addiction has touched Hollywood's Baldwin Family as well. Last year, actor Daniel Baldwin allowed Cynthia McFadden to follow his progress through drug rehabilitation. In a new interview, Baldwin talks about how he is doing today. Is he winning the battle?

And because of Baldwin's experience with rehab and sobriety, he says he wants to "give back to others." He helps facilitate an actual intervention to try to get a young man to turn his life around. Will Baldwin be successful in saving this young man's life? "20/20" is there to document.

Friday, March 21, 2008

20/20 Show on Prostitution

We've been working on a series of programs about the real world of prostitution for two years. Tonight (March 21, 2008) we will have a 2 hour program on some of the exploitation involved. Please watch. ABC 9-11pm

I specifically worked on the parts about the undercover stings and the pimp culture. (Parts 2 and 4)

Prostitution Stings
Online video
Online resources to end the exploitation
John's School

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MacBook Air Review

MacBook Air: Sexy, Skinny as a Supermodel
by Eric M. Strauss

"Carrying around Apple's MacBook Air is like dating a supermodel: She's going to turn heads with her beauty, she'll improve your self-confidence, and you can go everywhere together — from crowded nightclubs to cramped airplane flights. You'll be happy in the end, but there's sure to be a friend who just doesn't approve."