Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baldwin Rehab, July 17th 2007 10pm

Daniel Baldwin is a celebrity, a brother, a father and a son. He is also a drug addict.

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The actor gave "Primetime" unprecedented access as he struggled for his life. He was addicted to smoking cocaine, and with legal, financial and health problems breathing down his neck, he allowed cameras to track his successes and failures at a $50,000-a-month rehabilitation center in Malibu, Calif.

Addiction is a powerful, progressive disease that touches 25 percent of American families, afflicts all classes, races and genders and can bring even the strongest to their knees.

What lessons does this 46-year-old addict share with others who suffer from the same disease? What steps will he take as he tries to help himself and offer advice to others? Go behind the doors of rehab with Daniel Baldwin Tuesday, July 17, on "Primetime: Family Secrets" at 10 p.m. EDT

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Emmy Nomination for Foster Care

A great project I worked on last year has been nominated for a 2007 Emmy in the category of Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a News Magazine.

A Call to Action: Saving Our Children about Foster Care in America anchored by Diane Sawyer.

Senior Producer: Jon Meyersohn
Producers: Claire Weinraub, Eric M. Strauss, Greg Fisher
Associate Producers: Keturah Grey, Christina Krol
Editors: Bram Harris, Gina Pampinella, Jack Pyle, Vanessa Cochran, David Ward, Joe Schanzer, Faith Jones
Executive Producers: Jessica Velmans and David Sloan

Cross your fingers for us. On September 24th we'll find out if we won.