Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Manners 101 by Tony Danza

Tony Danza (TV's famed taxi driver, house keeper, and father) has a new syndicated Disney talk show coming to a TV near you this fall. He is also an expert with manners. Tony's office happens to be in the same building as mine. We both work for the Walt Disney Company. While I was purchasing surgical gloves at our local pharmacy for an upcoming news report Tony was purchasing a razor. 

I was paying for my gloves and I witnessed Tony Danza holding the door open for an unsuspecting drug store customer. The woman exited through the opened door and continued on her way down Columbus Avenue. Tony decided to yell at the ageing woman, "YOU'RE WELCOME, Gesh! Snort (SIC)"

The woman apologized for not acknowledging the talk-show-host-to-be's act of generosity. This was not enough for "The Boss." He turned to his colleagues who were accompanying him the full city block to purchase his razors and said, "I guess she thought a smile was enough! Gesh! Snort."

What lessons did I learn from this exchange? Tony Danza has a talk show coming out. Tony Danza has some serious rage issues. When talking to Tony Danza... A smile is never enough.  


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Look out Down Below

The other day when I was going out to lunch I ran into two friends from work. Deb and Jenn looked like they just saw a ghost. Unfortunates, they actually saw the remains of a suicide jumper. Read about it here.

I've only known one person personally who killed himself (He choose a rifle in college). This is the second jumper in the last couple months who ended up on the hard concrete close to where I frequent.

Read about my neighbor's jump here.