Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FULL SHOW: Melissa Moore - daughter of a serial killer

5 Million people tuned in to watch the story I produced with Juju Chang about Melissa Moore the daughter of the "Happy Face" serial killer Keith Jesperson. You can watch the full episode for free.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch ABC News 20/20 Tonight: Friday, August 20th

Please tune in tonight to ABC News 20/20 at 10PM for a program I produced, wrote and shot a lot of the video for: 

Blood Lines: The Story of Melissa Moore, the daughter of The "Happy Face" serial killer. 

Melissa tells about growing up with a loving Dad who at the same time is on a five-year five-state killing spree. You'll hear about how she deals with life once he is captured, the fears she has for her own children,  and how she learns to rise above the sins of her father.

Watch a preview here:

Melissa Moore Recalls Her Father Saying "I Know How To Kill Someone and Get Away With It"

Slide show: 
Daughter of "Happy Face Killer" says childhood was sunny despite dad's dark side

Video: 'Happy Face Killer' Speaks From Prison

Video: ‘My Dad Is a Serial Killer’
Shalise Cox remembers when friend Melissa Moore told her dark secret.

Book Excerpt: