Monday, December 22, 2008

Perfect Gift - ConfettiCakes Cookbook For Kids

Buy my sister's new baking book. Great for a kid interested in baking or a parent who wants to bake with or for kids…

Confetti Cakes For Kids: Delightful Cookies, Cakes, and Cupcakes from New York City's Famed Bakery (Hardcover)
Elisa Strauss is the founder and head designer of Confetti Cakes in New York City. A former designer for Ralph Lauren, Strauss is famous for her imaginative and elaborate cakes. Her work has been featured in dozens of magazines, as well as on Good Morning America, the Today show, Martha: The Martha Stewart Show, The View, and the Food Network.

Special link at for 30% off ($19.79):
Buy directly from Elisa and get an autographed copy and shipping ($24):
Barnes & Noble or Dylan's Candies for $29

So, if I've ever fixed your computer, made you laugh on a gloomy day, or taught you how to shoot with a DV cam please support the Strauss family and buy Elisa's book.

From yesterday's Daily News:
Cost of a child's custom-made birthday cake: Hundreds of dollars. Cost of making it from scratch: Much less. Look on your child's face when she sees your creation: priceless. And Elisa Strauss , owner of an Upper West Side cake design café/bakery, leads you through every step of the mostly painless process in her new book, "Confetti Cakes for Kids" (Little Brown $29).