Monday, March 07, 2011

Video Projector Rental

This weekend we had a 90th birthday party for my Grandpa. I made a slide show with music using iMovie. I shopped around for a projector and found the best service and price was online at ATS Rentals. It was a successful experience and the audience enjoyed the walk down memory lane. 

I rented a Dell 4210X XGA Projector for $99 (Output was bright and clear with wide screen aspect ratio and many input options including HDMI, Composite and VGA)

I added a Mackie SRM150 Compact Speaker for $28 (Allowed everyone to hear the music. RCA inputs and included a microphone) 

- Availability of great equipment in good condition.
- Easy online ordering.
- Quick email response time with Kim before the order and good confirmation of order and tracking.
- Equipment arrives packed well with lots of accessories and manuals. 
- Snappy delivery via UPS and easy return shipping (They include tape and return labels)

- I didn't like having to fill out paper work and faxing it back with a copy of my credit card and driver's license. Seemed like extra work and not super safe for privacy reasons.
- I'm an advanced user, but I think an offer to pre-configure the equipment might help others (Based on what input they will use) The manuals are thorough though. 

I have a $20 off coupon for a first time rental to the first person to contact me via twitter: