Monday, October 18, 2004

Making Noise

It's nice when something that airs on our program, ABC NEWS PRIMETIME LIVE, brings attention to an important topic.

"North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones says he has no plans to take down a display outside his Washington office showing pictures of American service members killed in action.
Jones, a Republican, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat from Illinois, have memorialized the troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by placing photographs in the hallway outside their offices.

Frank Tiscone, the House buildings superintendent, asked the two congressmen to take the photos down, saying they were not permitted under House rules to show "any device which brings into public display any person, party, organization or movement."

Jones and Emanuel replied in a letter saying, "While we will not be removing the displays, we are more than willing to listen to suggestions of other methods to present the display should the staff wish to share them."

Jones, meanwhile, is asking the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee to investigate concerns aired on an ABC News "Primetime Live" report about 4,000 American troops who returned from Iraq severely wounded.

"Something is terribly wrong when U.S. soldiers are telling their superiors that they are 'better off dead financially, for their families, if they died as opposed to coming back maimed,' " Jones wrote in a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter. "This should never happen in America."

Sunday, October 03, 2004

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