Thursday, December 02, 2004

Do Not Call list

I recently received a message at work suggesting I register my cell phone number in the DO NOT CALL LIST.

"The national directory of cell phone numbers is about to be published. Once this happens telemarketers will have access to your cell phone number! In addition to being a disruption, these calls will also use your cellular minutes.

If you wish to avoid this, register your cell number on the National Do Not Call list
, managed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, as soon as possible. You can do this by going on-line to <> or by calling 888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to register."

I will not be registering my number with the DO NOT CALL list.
There have been a lot of legal challenges to the whole notion of the do not call list and I feel like there is a chance that the list will be given to telemarketers eventually.
I don't like the idea of the gov't having my numbers in a database. Our protectors have been known to slip up and post information on web sites by accident. Plus, an enterprising gov't employee making $9 an hour may copy the database and sell it to an unscrupulous telemarketer.
From the best I can tell the cell phone directory is years away and will be "opt-in" meaning you will need to give your cell phone carrier permission to publish your number. It will also be a directory service where you have to call an operator and ask for a specific number instead of a phone book that people can copy from.
My $.02,

Monday, October 18, 2004

Making Noise

It's nice when something that airs on our program, ABC NEWS PRIMETIME LIVE, brings attention to an important topic.

"North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones says he has no plans to take down a display outside his Washington office showing pictures of American service members killed in action.
Jones, a Republican, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat from Illinois, have memorialized the troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by placing photographs in the hallway outside their offices.

Frank Tiscone, the House buildings superintendent, asked the two congressmen to take the photos down, saying they were not permitted under House rules to show "any device which brings into public display any person, party, organization or movement."

Jones and Emanuel replied in a letter saying, "While we will not be removing the displays, we are more than willing to listen to suggestions of other methods to present the display should the staff wish to share them."

Jones, meanwhile, is asking the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee to investigate concerns aired on an ABC News "Primetime Live" report about 4,000 American troops who returned from Iraq severely wounded.

"Something is terribly wrong when U.S. soldiers are telling their superiors that they are 'better off dead financially, for their families, if they died as opposed to coming back maimed,' " Jones wrote in a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter. "This should never happen in America."

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Win us $100,000

Click on my link for Vote or Not and register.

Two web producers are giving away the money to promote the importance of voting. I looked into it. It's 100% legit. Sign up and win us some money!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Computer Gem: Ctrl-Z

I just figured something out in Microsoft Word and I can't believe how helpful it will be in the future.

Microsoft Word tries to help you with autocorrect:
- You type 1/2 and it makes it ½
- You hit return and it reformats your whole document adding bullets

Well after it does the re-format if you click CTRL and Z on the keyboard (Un-Do) it will undo the auto formating.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Manners 101 by Tony Danza

Tony Danza (TV's famed taxi driver, house keeper, and father) has a new syndicated Disney talk show coming to a TV near you this fall. He is also an expert with manners. Tony's office happens to be in the same building as mine. We both work for the Walt Disney Company. While I was purchasing surgical gloves at our local pharmacy for an upcoming news report Tony was purchasing a razor. 

I was paying for my gloves and I witnessed Tony Danza holding the door open for an unsuspecting drug store customer. The woman exited through the opened door and continued on her way down Columbus Avenue. Tony decided to yell at the ageing woman, "YOU'RE WELCOME, Gesh! Snort (SIC)"

The woman apologized for not acknowledging the talk-show-host-to-be's act of generosity. This was not enough for "The Boss." He turned to his colleagues who were accompanying him the full city block to purchase his razors and said, "I guess she thought a smile was enough! Gesh! Snort."

What lessons did I learn from this exchange? Tony Danza has a talk show coming out. Tony Danza has some serious rage issues. When talking to Tony Danza... A smile is never enough.  


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Look out Down Below

The other day when I was going out to lunch I ran into two friends from work. Deb and Jenn looked like they just saw a ghost. Unfortunates, they actually saw the remains of a suicide jumper. Read about it here.

I've only known one person personally who killed himself (He choose a rifle in college). This is the second jumper in the last couple months who ended up on the hard concrete close to where I frequent.

Read about my neighbor's jump here.


Friday, June 18, 2004

Cake Press

My sister, the baker, gets more ink than Martha Stewart on a trial day.

Elisa designed and sculpted a cake for the cover of this week's New York Magazine about the controversial stadium possibly being built in NYC. The cake is real, the woman is not. Click on the photo to see the cake pre colorization and faux woman.

In addition, this week's JET magazine covers Patti Labelle's birthday bash that featured three Confetti Cakes' cakes. Click the photo to read the text.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Hiatus is Back Off Again

The Beastie Boys are back at it again. Paying props and representing New York City with ill flava'. How can you go wrong spewing hot lyrics like "I got class like Pink Champale*"

The three boyz seem to be embracing the anti G.W. re-election campaign and leaving the Tibetan Monks on their own.

Their open letter to NYC is actually very nice. You should ch-ch-check it out.

Buy their album and support legal downloads on iTunes HERE I'm not just a client, but I'm also an owner (AAPL).

* "I am the one with the Clientele. You say, “Adrock, God you rock so well.” I’ve got class like Pink Champale. MCA grab the mic before the mic goes stale. Don’t test me. They can’t arrest me. I’ll fake right cross-over and shoot lefty. You look upset yo calm down. You look Cable Guy dunked off of your crown.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Roslyn Schools Scandal

I grew up on Long Island NY and went to school in the Roslyn School district from first grade all the way to High School graduation day. I had issues with the school district and pretty much waffled between rage and malaise as a student, but I never had a clue that the place was corrupt. Ironically my secondary schooling took me to New Orleans the home of corruption.

Turns out that some greedy administrators had been bilking the poor spoiled children of Roslyn out of $7.8 million. Kinda sad that children in New York city can’t afford text books and $8 million goes missing in Roslyn and nobody notices.

Is it me or is this hideous thief straight out of central casting?

Read the full coverage HERE
If you only have time for one quick article read HERE

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

My Dad in Men's Fitness

I already know my dad, Elton Strauss, MD, is a great Orthopedic Surgeon, at Mt. Sinai Hospital, but if I read Men's Fitness, like James Wang does, I would also know he is an expert on "Saturday Night Palsy."

Read his advice here.

Some other recent press mentions:
and here.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Minolta Dimage X

Many people who have seen my photos have asked me what camera I am using.

I use a really cool tiny digital called the Minolta Dimage X. It was truly revolutionary when I plopped down $350 in March of 2002. It has 2.1 megapixels and has a real James Bond air about it, because of it's sleek design. Since I purchased "the X" it's been re-introduced a few times. It's on it's 4th generation.

I love the compact style (size of a deck of cards), but I find the images a little soft sometimes, and low megapixels makes it not so good for big prints. But if you are all about snapshots and online posting this is the camera for you.

I am more likely to bring it with me than a larger camera, because it fits in my pocket, has good battery life, plus, it can zoom 3x without physicaly extending the lens. It records images on secure digital cards (SD) and has a USB plug that connects to any Mac as well as all the rest.

The newest edition is the Dimage XG 3.2 Megapixels $260
Previous Version is the Dimage X20 2 Megapixels $160

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Arizona Trip

What to do in Arizona:

Westin Kierland. The river raft type swimming pool was just what the M.D. ordered.
Amara Resort Best value I have seen in a while. Very modern decor and amenities. Great staff. Tremendous red rock views.
The Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain Pure luxury. The Spa was the best ever, infinity pool so relaxing, and Mountainside casitas very romantic.

Pink Jeep Tours We could not stomach the broken arrow off road roller coaster tour, but we had enough rocking and rolling on our way to see the fascinating ancient ruins.
Horse Back Riding Sunset horse back ride.
Daily Hikes Hikes in Sedona and the Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

Special thanks to:
- Aunt Bonnie, Kevin and KJ for taking us for two unforgettable dinners, giving us good tips, and showing us your great home.
- Chris and Abby for a great brunch at the Wrigley Mansion
- Dad for treating us to a Hot Air balloon ride even though we ran out of time and couldn't go.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

FDNY Cousin

My Cousin Jonathan is in his last week of training with the NY Fire Dept. Next week he is on the job! This Sat was family day where we saw the firefighters go through all kinds of drills. We could not be more proud.

Sent From Eric Strauss' Cell Phone

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Recipe for Success

As most of you know my sister is a "Rock Star." Not the type that motivates women to fling their undergarments on stage. More like the type that makes men propose over the internet (True story).

My sister Elisa Strauss owns her own company creating amazing sculpted works of art out of cake. It's called Confetti Cakes and Elisa is being profiled on the Food Network's: Recipe for Success. It's a must see.

Of course she has been featured on Good Morning America, The View, The John Walsh Show, Sex and the City and won the wedding cake competition on the Today Show, but this is two full segments just on her!

Food Network: May 22nd at 2PM

Check out ConfettiCakes online

Saturday, May 01, 2004