Monday, October 30, 2006

Regis and Kelly Audience Spottings

ABC TV - Regis and Kelly 9.25.06
Guests: Marcia Cross (Desperate House Wives) and Nelly Furtado

When my friend Kevin visited from Oregon I offered to take him to the broadcast of Regis and Kelly. Perhaps not the most exciting tourist activity, but the show is broadcasted from the building next to my office. It was actually a lot of fun. We were seen in three of the crowd shots and now you can see us too.

This was more a way for me to figure out how to get video online than a real celebration of myself in the audience of a daily talk show.

- Recorded TV show on Time Warner DVR in Standard definition.
- Burned the show to a DVD using my Samsung DVD player/burner
- Imported the DVD video into my Mac Desktop G5 using MPEG Streamclip (Free Software) which converted the DVD VOB video and audio content into a DV-25 file. (Hour show 12GB - 15 minutes)
- Imported the DV file into iMovie HD. Edited out the show minus Kevin and me on TV.
- Exported the edited clip as a h.264 Quicktime file.
- Uploaded it to YouTube and Google Video.