Sunday, January 06, 2008

CES 2008: Sony OLEDs

At CES 2008. I just saw the first thing I would really like to have. I'm at the Sony Press Conference and they just introduced an 11" OLED super slim TV set $2500. It's only the thickness of 3 credit cards. 11" is kinda small though. Sony will be the first to sell OLED displays in the US. They have a 27" one in their booth as a prototype and Samsung has a 31" prototype.

At the press conference before introducing Sony's super slim 11" Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer said,
"All of us at Sony are feeling a bit blue today (big chuckles), but that's a good feeling. Along with WB decision to support Blu-Ray I want to thank Bob Iger at Disney and Rupert Murdoch at Fox for being true blue from the start"

Warner Brothers decided to stop putting out titles in the HD DVD format and Sony which has a strong interest in the competing Blu-Ray technology must be on cloud nine. -EMS

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