Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bridget Kelly: A Survivor's Story

The story of a victim of a senseless violation who was strong enough to survive and composed enough to share her experience and to let it be known that there should be no stigma associated with the wounded.

Charlie Gibson's introduction: "And now, we're going to turn to the story of a young woman, who made a big impression on all of us here at "Primetime." She has an extraordinary story of survival, and we keep asking how did she do it? How did she survive one terrible night at the hands of a crazed attacker. And what happened inside of her? How did she end up concluding that what happened wasn't something to be ashamed of? And how did she decide that women deserve a voice? And how did she find her voice?"

Award winning columns written by Bridget's dad, Mike Kelly, Omaha World-Herald
Kelly wanted to take part in the campaign to help fight the sense of social stigma that casts silence over the topic of rape. "There is no way anyone is going to make me feel ashamed of having been raped," Kelly said. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate in TAASA's public awareness campaign."
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Andrea "Andy" Gia said...

Eric - thank you so much for posting this segment and for all of the other articles related to Bridg and her dad. I was telling some people about how incredible she is and am so glad that I have this to show them, thanks to you! You are awesome. Thanks again, Andrea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Bridget's story. As a member of one the neighbors in Brdget's old Omaha Neigborhood, I watched her grow up. Her story just proves that one never knows what life will deal you. I would give anything for this horrible thing to not have happened to her, but I must say I am priviledged to see the woman she has become. She has taken a horrible thing and made it into something that will for ever help others. God Bless you Bridget.
Your neighbor on the corner.