Monday, May 15, 2006

John Stossel's New Book

Do yourself a favor and purchase John Stossel's new book. It is a quick and interesting read. He spells out a lot of misconceptions he believes people have, and most importantly I am mentioned in the acknowledgements. has created a cool web site that has some video excerpts from the segments that are in the book.

MYTH: Divorce hurts women much more than men, and many men abandon their kids.

TRUTH: Both men and women suffer after divorce, and lots of men want to give more to their kids.

The media (including the men, for psychological reasons involving guilt or other factors best left to Dr. Phil), see men as inviting, politically correct targets. When experts start trumpeting statistics that add up to "men are bad," reporters listen. For years, I heard bad things about deadbeat dads. They were living it up, while their ex-wives and children had to scrape by. It's a recurring story, and the media regurgitates it regularly. It's also group slander.

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