Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Hiatus is Back Off Again

The Beastie Boys are back at it again. Paying props and representing New York City with ill flava'. How can you go wrong spewing hot lyrics like "I got class like Pink Champale*"

The three boyz seem to be embracing the anti G.W. re-election campaign and leaving the Tibetan Monks on their own.

Their open letter to NYC is actually very nice. You should ch-ch-check it out.

Buy their album and support legal downloads on iTunes HERE I'm not just a client, but I'm also an owner (AAPL).

* "I am the one with the Clientele. You say, “Adrock, God you rock so well.” I’ve got class like Pink Champale. MCA grab the mic before the mic goes stale. Don’t test me. They can’t arrest me. I’ll fake right cross-over and shoot lefty. You look upset yo calm down. You look Cable Guy dunked off of your crown.

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